Friday, December 12, 2008

BJP IT Cell reaches to Youngters

BJP IT Cell Through Operation " KaLeen" is targetting Youth. Operation "KaLeen" targets youths who are interested in voting, joining BJP and contributing their valuable ideas.
We are receiving enormous response through this operation and several youngters across Maharashtra are connecting through social networking sites primarily Orkut.

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Ruchir said...

Hi Vinit,
I just read an article on you and your IT cell in today's Economic times. Actually I was also thinking in same regard for sometime and was searching similar thing on Mr Narendra Modi's personal website. Can I know more about this cell and what are the future political prospects for an individual like me.FYI I am working in IT industry (use of FYI must have hinted you the same) and always have an affinity towards politics, also attended some RSS chakhas during my schooling. Please let me know how I can get more details about this wing and any possibility to contact you.
Please reply on my personal email id, it is